member №1 of the local freakshow (gnotr) wrote in hitech_rus,
member №1 of the local freakshow

Intel Active Management Technology 4.0

Что вы думаете об Intel Active Management Technology 4.0 ?

Считаете ли Вы что корпорация Intel
при содействии правительства США решила устроить глобальный информационный котроль во всём мире?

"A hardware-based technology that facilitates remote out-of-band management
of PCs by use of a small secondary processor located on the motherboard.
It allows Network Administrators to check for virus- and worm-like suspicious
traffic received or transmitted by the remote system and enables the booting
of a corrupted (or missing) operating system and the rebuilding a corrupted
hard drive over the network.

Using Intel AMT, IT managers can remotely discover, repair, and protect wireless workstations.
Intel AMT features include enhanced asset management, remote system diagnostics, network protection,
and security -- all independent of the operating system's functional state"
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